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"I enjoy the vibes and enjoy having a different challenge every session. I appreciate my PT pushing me to try new things. These sessions have definitely been the change to my workouts that I was looking for. I am looking forward to seeing more results in the future."

Sophie H

"My experience has been great! Have loved learning new things and seeing where I’m at fitness-wise. Excited to continue and see how far I can go. The best thing my PT has given me is guidance on how to do exercises and use machines properly, and motivation to come in to the gym."

Ani V

"I wouldn't have advanced my programme or weight goals without PT. It's been a great way to increase familiarity with gym equipment after several years out of the gym and I've gained encouragement and confidence with weights."

Gina O

"I’m fitter and stronger with more definition now which is exactly what I wanted. I have most noticeably seen improvement in fitness, strength and definition and want to do more of the same sort of training. I've been given advice on nutrition and supplements too."

Tom B


Are you in the midst of self-doubt, never ending cycles or futile efforts, like you're facing a sprint of foreboding hurdles yet you feel you've exhausted all your options? Do you simply yearn to be a role model for your children, to exemplify a healthy, independent and capable character, one which everyone dreams of attaining? Or are you longing to be that competent, charismatic & confident spouse? 


If there's brewing discomfort and bewilderment imploring you to change but you just don't know the best way to go... 


Well, you've found it.


Here with my coaching assistance, you will feel ready to excel and not merely perform in your work and day to day life. You'll become a figure who'll be esteemed for rising above their obstacles and inspire others in your thriving.

Extricate yourself from the bonds of excuses and pessimism and watch the 'impossible', unfathomable, inconceivable become possible.

Make your future self proud

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Taking clients through programs and training in English & Serbo-Croatian.


Vodim klienata kroz programe i trening na Engleskom, Bosanskom, Srpskom i Hrvatskom jeziku.

With my assistance, no goal is out of reach. Whether you are after a better physique, to outlift your friends or simply to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing, I will strive to help you make that a reality.


Uz moju pomoć, ni jedan cilj vam neće biti neostvariv. Bilo da želite ljepšu figuru, da postanete snažniji od vaših prijatelja, ili da jednostavno poboljšate zdravlje i svoju dobrobit, nastojaću da vam pomognem da to ostvarite, i da se vaše želje pretvore u nevjerovatne rezultate.

Currently I offer nutrition, training and challenge plans, ranging from ongoing lifestyle health & fitness assistance to exciting challenges such as for Strength Building and Fat Loss. Whatever fitness goal is in your sights, I will be here to educate and push you to conquer your goal(s).


Trenutno nudim planove ishrane, trening i planove za postepeno napredovanje, počevši od pomoći do zdravijeg života i forme do uzbudljivih ciljeva, na primjer u razvoju mišića i povećanju snage i smanjenju masnog tkiva. Koji god fitnes cilj da imate na umu, ja ću biti tu da vas obrazujem i podstaknem da ostvarite svoje ciljeve.

You owe yourself an epic transformation. Reach out to me today.


Dugujete sebi fantasticnu transformaciju. Javi mi se danas.


The solution for you...

My role is simple. It's why I am here, to guide, instill, encourage, and teach you more about yourself, and how to best take care of yourself. My purpose is to bring out the best in you to see your full potential, and to show you how fitness lets you flourish in a  holistic divinity you never knew could exist. The objective couldn't be more clear, to see you thriving in the richness of good health!

In my journey, fitness and faith have been my two rescuers. Having encountered myriads of tribulations and turmoil, from family issues to insecurities and mental health to self esteem, I have faced a deluge of heartaches, confusion & stressful tension. I was front on with pangs of pain that felt like nothing could stifle them, and battled insomnia where I was questioning my point and purpose. But through all this, if it wasn't for the element of strife, never would I have experienced the greatness of God and the gym, my two greatest comforters. So here I am, to give you that reassurance, education and love. 

My coaching opens you up to experience the positive repercussions of a healthy body, where the effects of your flourishing health will overflow to spark those around you. Want to better nurture your children, create and demonstrate the lifestyle you want them to admire, and set the example you would love to have?

When your most valuable asset, your body, is taken care of, the rest start to fall in place. I will instill habits to nourish your mind, body and soul, beyond that of diet/nutrition, and teach you ways to invest in yourself so not only you reap the benefits, but your loved ones around you too.

Wherever you are at, on your journey, I'm set on pushing you through this and see you flourishing in success, you have my promise.

Ready to take on a challenge? Look what's available now!

Make your future self proud.



The missing piece to your phenomenal results

Great functioning bodies and health take time, much practice and lots of education. Why doesn’t everyone have a flawless, strong and lean body? Because it takes much consistency, knowledge and structure. 


Getting it right takes time and there are countless cues to keep in mind. Our bodies need a change in stimulus, so following the same program forever expecting to get great ongoing improvements like you would with specific plans made for your goals. Instead, jump onboard with regular personal training sessions and see the world of a difference it makes for your results.


Skip passed any more occasions of feeling uncertain, and mitigate the possibility of doing futile exercises and staying in the same place as you've been in.


From having one to assess and correct your posture, fix pain, and push you to be the best you can, to giving you personalized health and fitness advice and be there to help even outside of the session to answer your queries. it's a self-investment that with bountiful benefits and teachings that you can carry with your for the rest of your life.

Without the help of a trainer, there won’t be that set of eyes keeping watch over technique, adapting exercises to an appropriate level, prescribing training regimens to align with goals or any personalised planning of their week to incorporate favourite exercises and classes to keep it fun.


You made the effort to come here to find this missing solve a problem you have or to take where you are at the next level. 

If your health is something you value, if you really want to make an investment for not only your present self but your future too take this opportunity to invest in some self care and growth,  to prolong your health and longevity. Not only will the changes benefit you, but also your loved ones around you with your renewed energy and exuberance. 


Let me help you attain your dream goal that you came you are yearning to achieve. Let me do what I do best and help you get underway now.

Make your future self proud.

See Testimonials here 



Transformation Challenge vs Nutrition & Training Program: 

Transformation Challenges are most suitable for those who are looking to achieve a more tailored and specific goal short term (10 or 20 weeks), with the opportunity to win prizes, coaching credit, and join a transformation coaching group with like-minded individuals. 

A Nutrition & Training Program, also an all-encompassing plan, is best for ongoing and general health, fitness, and well-being. It's great for those who want to improve in many aspects, not just one particular result.

Both of these may transition into one another part way through. Provided there is at least 1 week's notice and the new program style commencing after the next complete week after the upcoming check in, no additional costs will be incurred. This time frame is to allow for overview and programming modifications. 

PT commitment:

For PT (as well as online coaching) there is a minimum commitment of 12 weeks with a 4 week notice period to cancel thereafter (excluding the initial $395 package)

Frequency of sessions is a minimum of 1x per week up to 4x per week. 


If you are however unsatisfied with the level of service, after 30 days you may receive a FULL refund. That's how confident I am that my training works!

Payment options:

If you do not wish to make online credit card payments, you may opt to pay by PayPal or bank transfer as an alternative method. Just tick the box in the consultation form to let me know. As you will not be purchasing a plan/program/session online, it will be arranged separately once a consultation is booked.

Gifting Plans/Programs/PT sessions:

$100, $200 and $500 vouchers are available for purchase which are valid to be spent on Personal Training sessions, Online Coaching programs and product (supplements & activewear). However if you are certain about a specific option, do not hesitate to purchase any product on behalf of someone or as a gift. If you are not quite sure which option would be best for your special person, flick me a message and I'll give you some recommendations, or even better, we'll create a unique plan to tick all the boxes! Simply notify me or fill in the booking form accordingly.

Location - Personal Training sessions:

Online via a video call

Public and/or outdoor setting such as the Auckland Domain

At Home in the comfort of the client's home/property. (For these sessions, note that a commute fee may apply. For more information about At Home PT please go to the Personal Training page, the More Info page or send me an email to inquire.)

Combining plans/programs/services: 

If you wish to go all in and treat yourself to online programming and in-person coaching, feel free to book a challenge or plan AND personal training sessions. This will not only expedite your progress but will create a cohesive experience of learning and ultimately likely improve your consistency and commitment. Discounted PT and Online Coaching is available to those who participate in BOTH.


Please note that a health questionnaire is also to be filled in prior to the consultation. For online coaching, this will be issued to you after your booking, and for personal training at checkout. This is to optimize the consultation call and to provide valuable details to ensure the programming is appropriate to the participant's needs and goals. 

Client Support:

Included all PT sessions and Online Coaching is access to my private group blog where I post content on all things health & fitness. This is a friendly space where members can show support and encouragement as well as benefit from daily content that's posted.


In addition to this you'll have my assistance via various social channels. This means you may hit me up with any queries at any time. I will do my best to respond ASAP to ensure you understand your program and clear any doubts. With PT sessions, I am available to discuss and support your progress made in the gym or in other active engagements (such as sports, home workouts) outside of our sessions. 


If you have purchased PT sessions, a Program or Challenge, and after 30 days if you are not happy with your results, you may receive a refund.


Auckland, New Zealand

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